The Tale of Daphne & Cormac

The Inner Wheel Club of Sale were delighted to host a talk for all members in D5 by Daphne Sumbler.

As many of you will know, Daphne has been a guest conductor when the D5 choir has performed recently.

During lockdown Daphne was delighted when one of her singing students, Cormac Thompson, was noticed by the record company Decca.

Daphne told us all about the fairy tale that unfolded after that.

This involved her giving many extra virtual singing lessons to Cormac so that all of the 15 tracks he performed on the CD were technically perfect.

Daphne said “Cormac is eleven years old, full of smiles, mischief and confidence: it has been a privilege to be part of his amazing journey.”

We were delighted to learn all about this and it lifted our spirits listening to Daphne and to tracks from the CD of Cormac singing.

A truly wonderful fairy tale, just what was needed.