The District 5 Book Club Moves to Zoom.

Our D5 Book Club had its inaugural meeting on Thursday November 16th 2017 at the home of our then District Chairman Christine Sivori. It had been Christine’s suggestion that we have a District Book Club and after discussion it was agreed that members would host it in turn at their homes, providing tea and biscuits for after the discussion. This has worked well and has been most successful. We have all had an opportunity to suggest book titles and we choose 3 books to give both choice and variety. We usually have about 5 weeks between meetings deciding on the date to work around other events taking place in the District.

Detailed notes of our reviews of the three books are sent out to all the clubs in D5 with details of who will be hosting the next meeting and when it will take place. Some members who cannot attend our meetings read the suggested books after having read the reviews.

The first photograph shows some of us at a previous meeting. Sadly, our meeting scheduled for March 23rd had to be cancelled as the Lockdown started. Happily, we have resumed our meetings on Zoom and have been able to meet and chat about the three books we were due to discuss.

It was a very successful meeting, the format giving an ideal opportunity for us to share our views on the books and catch up with each other’s news. Already this new way of meeting has encouraged some members who were reluctant to travel, to join us virtually from their home.

Pam Boyes, Book Club Coordinator.

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