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Save Our Quinta Magazine

And all the other District magazines!

As District Historian I decided to create a display for the District Rally to demonstrate that ‘District 5 is Fun’. So I asked for photographs from members showing what fun we had at Conferences, Clubs and District.

I received quite a few and filled in with cuttings from past copies of Quinta and the result was great and very colourful. It revived lots of memories and the reaction at the Rally was of happy nostalgia for some members, and surprise for newer members that we could let our hair down and have Fun.

A few members came to me and offered photos of more recent events, but there was a problem. All these photos were on their mobile phones and whilst they could be converted into hard copies for me, I wondered whether these would find their way to the web site and not to the District Editor for Quinta, and could be lost to future members to enjoy.

Quinta contributions are permanent and a true record of life in District 5 and so, most possibly, district magazines would fade and die and the record of what we are and what we do and the fun we have had would disappear, which would be disastrous.

I realise that the digital age is with us and is for the future, but the past is just as important if we are to survive and spread the word to prospective members.

We must survive one way or another and communication is the way forward with a combination of the Past, the Present and the Future.

Betty Hayhurst (District Historian)

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