Dare Devil 1st Vice Chairman Isabel

When I was a child, my twin sister, Jenny and I often dared each other to do crazy things. I remember hanging upside down in the local bus shelter, as the bus slowed down jumping off and horror of horrors walking along the wall surrounding the church to name a few of our activities. Two years ago with some friends she went on the Velocity Zip wire in North Wales. She couldn’t get home quick enough to challenge me to have ago, with her. Sadly Jenny started radiotherapy and could not join me on the wire, and my husband is not inclined to such activities, so I was on my own!

So Friday Sept.18th, with Ron wielding the camera from ground level, I took up the challenge. First we had to be weighed, and then kitted out with a harness contraption, it turned out to be the sling which would be attached to the Zip Wire, then helmets. At each stage we were checked twice to make certain nothing came adrift when travelling at speed.

Then we were off to the practice run, after which some drop out. My group of 12 all stayed. After this was a lorry ride to the top of the slate mountain and the long wire. The longest and fastest in Europe, why do we do these things. Soon we were at the start more checking then lying headfirst on a flatbed we were hooked up and after 3 2 1 we were away….. when I opened my eyes the view was a bit blurred, the speed and maybe they were not open fully…. Minutes later having handed back the gear I was sitting eating a bacon bap, I had done it.

My sister wants us to do it together when her treatment stops .This time I hope the ‘Young Minds Trust’ trust will benefit. Together we’ll think of some other charity as we grow old disgracefully.

PS I had my hair dyed purple for the occasion.