D5 Book Club “Meet the Author”.

The Book Club hosted Susan Leona Fisher a published author, who told us how after she had retired, she started researching historical events that specifically impacted on women. A friend suggested she published her research, but she decided to use her findings by incorporating them in historical romantic fiction. She explained in detail how she made sure that the actual events dovetailed with her fictional events. Susan has published 23 books so far and is pleased if the money raised by each book covers the expenses of writing it! She considers her writing to be a hobby and the book we read “His Philanthropic Lady” was her latest book which she wrote at the beginning of Lockdown. Some of the comments from those attending, are below…

“It was wonderful, after reading her book and thoroughly enjoying it, hearing the work, time and  research put into bringing that period and issues then  to life, which she truly did for me and I hope you can pass that on.”

“What an interesting and informative hour, and so good to hear about the trials of writing and publishing fiction. I really had no idea about the workings of writing a book and how much detail and research was needed before it could be made available to the public. 

Susan was able to let us into the trials of writing and her setbacks but with a lovely sense of humour, she is obviously a very patient lady!” 

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