Bavarian Evening in Hazel Grove

We, at the Hazel Grove club, recently enjoyed our annual Bavarian Evening. This normally takes place at the home of our President, where we gather to eat, have fun and raise money for charity. Needless to say, this year was very different – no food but still plenty of laughter whilst raising money with an on-line auction. The charity that we supported this year was Hazel Grove Food Bank, a very worthwhile and much used charity. An enjoyable and successful evening.

The Bavarian Evening started nearly 40 years ago as a Rumtopf Evening, when everyone gathered to auction items that were no longer needed or were duplicated gifts to raise money for the President’s charity. This was followed by food, the dessert being Rumtopf, which had been lovingly fed through the year. Over the years it became known as the Bavarian evening as by now the food had developed a Bavarian theme with cold meats and cheeses and lots of other delights.

The Rumtopf, still very much alive, is enjoyed by all, but sadly not this year. Roll on next year!