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A Story of Love and Hope.

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

Following the untimely death of her much loved daughter Charlotte, Ann Evans a long standing member of Liverpool then Nantwich Inner Wheel,chose to bring joy out of so much sadness. As a former Nursing Sister at Alder Hey hospital, Ann has always loved and cared for young children, so together with her husband they decided to build a lasting memorial to their daughter - a family home for orphaned and disadvantaged children from the Himalayan mountain villages of Nepal.

They worked closely with Major Lilbahadur Gurung MBE and Krishna Adhikari, both past Presidents of The Rotary Club of the Himalayan Ghurkhas who were already helping such children but in rented accommodation.

Through their charity 'The Eifion Trust', Ann & Barry funded the purchase of land in Kathmandu and construction of a beautiful building which provides a loving home for 34 children.

This caring Home is called 'Charlotte's Haven on Earth'.

To ensure its future, a charity was set up: 'The Ann and Barry Foundation', and with Charlotte's siblings as trustees, the family will ensure that Charlotte's memory is perpetuated for many more years to come. As pupils mature and leave the Haven others replace them, so bringing shelter and a brighter future to yet more children. Their

education is also funded by the Foundation and every child attends Valley Public High School, one of the best private schools in Kathmandu.

Together they have transformed the lives of many young people who live

as one big happy family and who are in regular contact with 'Granny Ann' and 'Grandpa Barry' here in England.

Now, wonderful news - having visited the Haven several times and come

to know and love the children, Ann and Barry are hearing all their

success stories. One of the Haven's outstanding pupils, Sabina Subedi

has been accepted out of a field of 34,000 applicants, to study for a

BDS in Dentistry.

The 'Ann and Barry Foundation' immediately sent funds to cover all her ongoing costs so that she can continue with her studies throughout her years at university. Everyone is so proud of her, and indeed of all the pupils and their achievements.

Ann's love for her Nepalese 'grandchildren' is outshone only by their great love for her and for Barry, and their happiness and education will be a lasting memorial to Godmother Charlotte and to Granny Ann and Grandpa Barry for many years to come.

Since this article was published we have been made aware that both Ann and Barry Evans have sadly died. Barry died in December 2021 and Ann in February 2022.

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