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Become an Inner Wheel member

Do you want to be part of something extraordinary? 

  • Having fun with like-minded women

  • Knowing they make a difference in the world

  • Being part of an extraordinary global community

Inner Wheel Members enjoy…

Why I should join?

Our members enjoy a sense of fun, friendship and community like no other. One that is forged out of a mutual desire to improve the lives of others, both locally and across the globe. As well as being motivated by service and sense of purpose, Inner Wheel members also enjoy access to entertaining events, fascinating talks and a network of other extraordinary women.

What does membership involve?

Members pay an annual subscription that helps with the running of their own club plus the district, national and international arms of Inner Wheel.


The fees vary from club to club but are typically around £40 - £50 per year.


Members attend monthly meetings although there is no attendance rule so it’s fine if you can’t make them all. Members have access to a wide range of activities.  


I’m proud to belong to an organisation of like-minded people that encourages personal friendships  whilst caring about
the rest of the world.


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