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This section of the website is going to provide a more in depth look at the committee that oversees District 5 and also the clubs within our district and we’re starting with the District 5 Committee.

Inner Wheel first began in 1924 in Manchester,

thanks to the foresight of its founder, Mrs Margarette Golding. Such was the popularity of Inner Wheel

that by 1928 many more clubs had been formed.

It was decided that a district-level committee

was needed and the No 5 Inner Wheel District Committee was born.

The committee consists of a District Chairman, a 1st Vice Chairman, a 2nd Vice Chairman, a Secretary, a Treasurer, an International Service Chairman, an Editor, a member of Council and a Membership officer.

The objects of Inner Wheel are to: promote true friendship, encourage the ideals of personal service and foster international understanding.

Inner Wheel is a voluntary organisation; all of the officers and members both at District and Club level carry out their activities on a voluntary basis.The friendship element is very important and activities such as our Book Club & the District 5 Choir provide opportunities to get together.

The District Committee acts as the link between the worldwide level: International Inner Wheel, the national level: The Association of Inner Wheel Clubs in Great Britain and Ireland (make them both links) and the 18 Clubs that make up our District.


The Inner Wheel year begins on July 1st and runs until June 30th the following calendar year.

Early in July all of the District Officers go to a national meeting called District Officers Assembly. There they find out about both national and international priorities for the new Inner Wheel year. They also find out about any changes that have been made or are in the planning stage and they have an essential opportunity to learn about the role they are taking on. The District Officers then hold a local Club Officers Assembly to share all of that information with officers at Club level.



                                                  District meetings are held 4 times a year; in September,                                                     December, March and June.

                                                  Apart from fostering the personal service element of                                                         Inner Wheel they are also great opportunities to renew                                                       established friendships and to make new ones,

                                                  for example; our December meeting is very social                                                             occasion with a Christmas lunch and entertainment from                                                     our choir.

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