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About Inner Wheel​

Inner Wheel District 5 is part of the world-wide Inner Wheel organisation. Active in more than 104 countries around the world there are around 108,000 members in 3,895 clubs. The Association of Inner Wheel Clubs in Great Britain and Ireland (GB&I) is our national governing body and District 5 is one of the 29 Districts in GB&I. Inner Wheel members are women who combine friendship with hands-on service to positively impact their local community and the wider world.


True friendship

Build lasting

friendships founded

on service


Sense of purpose

Engage in local service that will
benefit your community and 
international causes

a global network.png

A global network  

Be part of 98,000+ members

that span 103

countries worldwide

A Proud-Manchester Heritage

As with many great things, the organisation began in Manchester when a group of ladies, led by Mrs Margarette Golding, met for the first time in November 1923 at Herriot’s Turkish Baths. The group met again on January 10th 1924 on Lower Mosley Street, Manchester and at this meeting, the first Inner Wheel club was born. This important date is now celebrated worldwide and known as ‘World Inner Wheel Day’.


As the concept of the movement grew, an International Inner Wheel was formed in 1946. The movement now boasts over 98,000 members throughout 103 countries, plus, has two United Nations representatives who attend sessions relating to the Rights of the Child, Status of Women, the Family, Human Rights and Narcotic Drugs. 

Who we support

We support a wide range of charities and community groups; these can be small projects that individual clubs have chosen to support, to larger national and international organisations. 

Be part of something extraordinary!

Make a difference, join Inner Wheel today
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